A message from Dr. Northrup

Are you seeing patients with illnesses you know are out of the norm?

Are you feeling coerced to give the jab to patients?

Does your data show skyrocketing illness and death?

You Can Help End The Ongoing COVID Disaster

As difficult as it may be to face, we are in the midst of a global genocide that has deployed an injection designed as a bioweapon.

We are collecting testimony and hard evidence from medical professionals like you. The evidence is already overwhelming but needs to be put into an evidence-based record for court proceedings. You will be provided with all the steps to make this process legal and simple. Your information will be kept in a private database until its use in court.

Speak Your Truth

You’re here because you know this train went off the rails long ago. You want to do something but haven’t been sure what action to take. Now is your time. Join other medical professionals and speak your truth.

Professionals Who Can Help

  • Medical Doctors
  • Lab Technicians
  • Nurses
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Statisticians
  • Embalmers
  • Any Medical Professional who has PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE and PROOF that the COVID narrative is false.

Death Blows to Informed Consent

This Bill Silences Doctors

Worried about your career? You should be. A bill in California has already passed in committees that will take action against a physician or surgeon if they do not follow the narrative they are told to. Take a look!

AB 2098 - This bill would designate the dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or “COVID-19,” by a physician or surgeon as unprofessional conduct, allowing the Medical Board to take action against such physician or surgeon.

This Bill Lowers Consent to Age 12

Seriously. Read this. As a doctor, you’ll be on the line to conform to this agenda. It is time to make a choice. Do you want to be part of this or help stop it?

SB866 lowers the age of jab consent to age 12 to get the COVID-19 jab without parental consent. Coordinates with SB1419 which will conceal this medical record from parents.


Legal Strategy

Shawn Rice - Admiralty/Maritime Contract Law

Shawn has 30 years of experience navigating the legal system using Admiralty/Maritime Contract law that we believe is the essential critical edge we need to end this.

Help us help you.

Using law, procedure and my many years of legal system experience, Shawn is volunteering his services to put together a case backed by sworn testimonies and evidence from every medical professional that has personal knowledge and proof of this ongoing global catastrophe.

We already have commitments from doctors who have been out front speaking on jab injuries and deaths, masks, PCR tests, suppressed treatments and more. Join us with your truth.

Ready to Make Your Evidence Count?

We know there are hundreds of medical professionals who are sitting on evidence that could be submitted into a court of law to help end this.

We've streamlined the entire process and prioritized the protection of your privacy. The AFFIDAVIT and SWORN TESTIMONY that you provide will not be visible to anyone except the lawyers working on this case. It will be digitally stored and secured. Once we have all the evidence gathered, the testimony and exhibits will be used in court proceedings.

Review the Affidavit and evidence in the Exhibits
Then, take the 4 steps to get this truth on record.

Step 1: Download the Affidavit,
Fill out italicized, underlined areas.

Step 2: Go to a Bank to Sign and notarize the Affidavit. Scan your signed affidavit to create a pdf file or have a copy center scan and email the pdf to you

Step 3: Upload Notarized Affidavit pdf files.

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Do you have additional evidence?